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What is Subluxation


Our bodies want to be healthy. They naturally strive to maintain the highest level of health they can. Sometimes, however, obstacles are put in their way. The result is dis-ease. The role of chiropractic is to correct one of the major sources of those obstacles: the vertebral subluxation.




Instructions from our brain are sent to all parts of the body as electrical impulses. These impulses travel along the spinal cord, which subdivides into individual nerve fibers throughout the body.


The spinal cord is protected by a "tunnel" of small, interlocking bones called the spinal column. The indicidual bones are called vertebrae. Nerves branch off from the spinal cord through small openings between the vertebrae. When each vertebra is in its proper position, the nerve fiber passes through without a problem. Nerve impulses can flow freely, racing to and from the brain at incredible speeds. 


Although the spinal column is  a sturdy structure, individual vertebrae can become misplaced. When that happens, it's called a vertebral subluxation. One of the most common causes of vertebral subluxation is automobile accidents. Yet, many everyday activities can result in subluxations as well. Picking up heavy objects, taking part in sports and even sitting for prolonged periods at a desk can all put stress on the vertebra. 

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